3 Tips To Cooking Vermicelli

Vermicelli is one of the ingredients made from white rice flour and its shape like yellow noodles but more supple and soft, so many who love this type of noodles. But when processing the vermicelli, sometimes we experience some problems such as. The vermicelli texture that is moisture, quickly destroyed, and too fragile. Little mistake, then the vermicelli you will present can be messy, even no longer refreshing to be served to lower the appetite.

The destruction of the vermicelli texture certainly makes us quite irritated. Especially if we have limited time and do not get to repeat the process of soaking the vermicelli. But don’t worry, here are the tips for processing the vermicelli:

Choose quality Vermicelli

Tips To Cooking Vermicelli
Tips To Cooking Vermicelli

Good quality vermicelli certainly will not be easily destroyed; therefore, always choose quality vermicelli. Quality vermicelli usually has more attractive packaging, and colors are not dull. Using quality vermicelli, of course, can make the vermicelli so much tastier.

Soak vermicelli with cold water.

Soaking the vermicelli using cold water does take a longer time compared to soaking the vermicelli using hot water that has just boiled. But the results of the rice vermicelli in cold water will make the vermicelli texture more supple and not easily destroyed. It is suitable for reprocessed into fried vermicelli dish or stir-fry vermicelli.

Give the mixture of sesame oil.

After marinated and topped, mix a little sesame oil on the vermicelli so that the vermicelli doesn’t stick with each other before being processed in the next cooking process. Before stirring fry or fried, the vermicelli may stick even if it has been given sesame oil. But when prepared in the following procedure, the vermicelli will return ‘ off ‘ and do not stick together again.

Use a moderate flame & do not stir too often while cooking.

When making fried vermicelli, use moderate flame during the cooking process and do not too often stir the vermicelli so that it is not easily destroyed. Stir when you add seasonings to mix evenly.


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