Tips On Making Your Own Taichan Sate At Home

Talking about the culinary that is being hit in Jakarta, satay Taichan is the answer! This type of satay is different from the satay in general, which is usually served with peanut sauce or soy sauce seasoning. Sate Taichan is just wearing chilly cayenne pepper as his seasoning, very tasty for you, spicy food lovers.

Usually, chicken satay has a brownish color. Well, if the Satay Taichan is different, the meat is white, just like the color of the chicken meat that is ripe. When eating a satay Taichan, your tongue will be pampered with a sensation of savory flavor and sour flavor sensation if you add a juice of lime on the plane.

Maybe in the neighborhood, no seller is selling this Taichan satay? Calm can make it yourself in the house! Well before making a delicious Taichan sate, take note of the following essential things:

Use chicken breast fillet

taichan satay
taichan satay

Satay Taichan usually uses 100% chicken breast meat, so if the goal is only to make Satay Taichan, you should buy only beef fillet instead of having to buy whole chicken meat because the chicken other parts are less suitable to serve as satay Taichan.

Season the meat first until the marinade pervasive

After having the chicken breast fillet, cut into pieces the chicken’s chest size, then a puncture. Next, season the satay with broth, lime juice, let stand for 15 minutes until the seasoning is absorbed evenly. Then sate Taichan is ready to be burned.

Roasting process

There are two ways to bake sate Taichan, the first by using charcoal, and the second one using a regular stove that is Teflon-shaped. To get the perfect taste and maturity, you should have the use of charcoal. But if you feel too worried, also can use a regular toaster.

Serving Sate Taichan

After the flesh turns white, the mark of Sate Taichan is ripe. Apply the butter just before the sate is cooked, this will make the sate more savory. Well, when it is ripe, serve sate Taichan along with sambal and lime. Add the Lontong to make Sate Taichan more complete.

Originally, sate taichan is only chicken breasts that are burned with salty seasoning. Still, nowadays there are many other creations of Sate Taichan, such as chicken skin, intestines, beef, squid, and so on, depending on the creativity of each.


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