Tips for Cooking Meat Low in Cholesterol

Eating low cholesterol can be enjoyed, moms. Even Moms can make it themselves at home. Curious how? Consider the following tips and tricks!

Eating red meat brings health benefits, being an intake that can supply vitamin B12, red meat functions to keep nerves and red blood cells healthy. It contains a lot of iron, teenagers, and adults who are required to consume dishes from meat. Not to mention, the high zinc content can maintain the immune system. Besides, red meat also provides protein, which helps build muscle and bone.

Generally, goats and cows are the choices of red meat for daily consumption. However, consuming too much meat can also increase your risk of heart disease due to its cholesterol content. For that, Moms needs accurate tricks so that they can still benefit from red meat. One of them is to process it so that meat contains low cholesterol.

Curious about how to do it? Consider the following tips on how to cook meat to lower cholesterol.

Select the Meat Section

cooking meat
cooking meat

Before deciding to process meat. Moms need to determine what part you will prepare. For the mutton area of ​​the waist, thighs, and legs into pieces that contain less fat. While moms can choose cows in the has and shoulder area. But if you don’t have the chance to select the meat part, you can get rid of the fat in the meat you are going to process. Remove the white lines that cover the meat because that part is fat.

Select the Menu

In processing meat dishes that will moms, though, also affect the high or low cuisine will be cholesterol levels. Moms can avoid recipes with coconut milk sauce. Cooking meat with coconut milk increases the amount of saturated fat, which makes foods containing high cholesterol. Instead, Moms can process meat by making clear soup, roast meat, satay, and steak.

Boil Meat More Than Once

So that red meat is low in cholesterol. Moms can boil the meat before it is processed into soup or other dishes. Discard the cooking water first and replace it with new water, then boil again up to 3 times. The boiling process can help smear fat in the meat. It’s that simple how to do it. This is certainly easy to do. So do not be anti-eating meat moms, even though it is maintaining cholesterol levels.

Use Spices To Taste

Seasoning is indeed the key to flavoring the service moms make. But the right amount of seasoning that is not excessive can be the key to reducing cholesterol levels in your processed meat. Avoid oiling the beef. This certainly can increase the saturated fat content. Besides, Moms must also reduce the use of excessive sauce seasoning on processed meat. Sometimes we unknowingly use excessive sauce dressing.

Don’t Include Skin in Processed Meat

Low cholesterol meat dishes are possible moms enjoy. In processing, Mums can avoid the skin. This certainly applies to white meat, such as chicken, turkey, and others. Chicken skin is indeed the most savory part. Especially if it is fried, it’s hard to resist. But unfortunately, the delicious taste in the tongue is not accompanied by any health impact after consuming it.

This is because the chicken skin must avoid if you want to reduce your processed chicken meat cholesterol levels. Based on a study saying, “removing chicken skin in your cooking can reduce half of the saturated fat content in your dish.”


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