Tips Eliminate Soil Smell In Fish

Processing fish is a challenge in cooking, ranging from how to choose fresh fish, to how to cook it — different places of life, different tastes.

Fish derived from the sea tends to have a fishy smell more concentrated than freshwater fish.

However, it does not mean freshwater fish have no scent, especially if the fish remove from the pond or habitat of life. Usually, the fish still has a distinctive smell of soil odor.

Clean Fish on Fresh Water

Tips Eliminate Soil Smell In Fish
Tips Eliminate Soil Smell In Fish

The best way anticipates the smell of soil attached to the fish meat immediately cleans the fish when you want to cook it. It also aims to make the fish stay in its fresh state.

The smell of soil in fish meat is smell on fish and carp. The smell of mud is derived from bacteria and plankton in the pond where the developer fish breeding. Primarily because of excessive feeding so that the bacteria and plankton can develop. Also, because of the condition of the lake is rarely cleaned.

Well, what if the fish that we are going to consume turns to smell ground? Here are the tips to eliminate them:

Clean the fish as usual underwater to Clean the gill fish and scales well, do not let there are left thin parts of the body of the fish on either side soak fish with water mixed with the juice of lemon or grapefruit 30 Minrinse back under running water

Other ways

The fish that has clean the gill part and the skirt is washed with salt water wash all the fish body with the brine to the side that is difficult to reach Airif it finishes, rinses back the fish using freshwater until clean

If one process of cleansing fish from the smell of soil or mud has done, proceed with the cooking process.

When cooking, we recommend to cultivate the fish by frying or burning, the smell of soil odor in the fish will disappear on its own. Use also typical seasoning reinforcement aroma and flavor such as sweet-spicy seasoning, spices containing ginger, lemongrass, turmeric, pepper, and so on so that the scent of soil replace with the intense aroma of the spices.


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