3 Steps To Fry Food Lower Cholesterol

Are they hooked fried? For sure, fried foods are a food that many people have liked. The dishes made in a fried way are commonly used as food for the Companion of the massive food and as a crispy snack. Unfortunately, these fried foods include unhealthy food, let alone a variety of foods that have high cholesterol content. Well, if it is mostly, cholesterol can increase the risk of stroke and heart attack.

Then we are experiencing long-term health problems like the above; it is okay if we reduce the consumption of the frying itself. Or do a healthy way to suppress the amount of cholesterol in the body, well here are the frying tips for lower cholesterol. Listen well, yes!

Always use clean oil

Steps to fry food
Steps to fry food

By using the oil that is still new or still clean, it can make cholesterol levels in each fried food is at a level “safe” to be consumed. Cooking with edible quality oils is also essential to maintain food quality. Thus, the cholesterol levels in the frying pan will not be too high.

Fry food when oil is in boiling condition

When frying the food, it should be more patient, yes! When the oil has just begun to heat, do not immediately put food in the oil that is not hot. It is best to wait for a while until the oil releases the foam. Well, when the oil is ready, then start frying. This will make the frying pan more quickly dry and mature; the food will not absorb the cholesterol too much fat in this way.

How to slice a frying pan

Once the fried food starts to change color to golden yellow, immediately remove the frying pan and drain the pan until it is completely oil-free. Furthermore, drain oil that is still left by using paper/tissue that is capable of oil absorbent. Once the oil is absorbed, a frying pan is ready to be served.


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