How To Handle Cooking Oils Foamy When Frying

May you have experienced cooking oil foaming while cooking? Many factors are causing the oil to foam, namely:

• Frying with used oils

• Frying with the temperature of the oil that is not hot

• Add egg yolks to the frying pan.

• Cooking with too hot temperatures, and more

Frying with this foaming oil state is quite annoying yah because it makes us can not see whether the foodstuffs we cook are quite ripe or not. Besides, foods that are cooked in foaming oil are also less maximal, and the color looks less appealing. Well, therefore, it should be suggested that the cooking oil used does not experience anything like this; let’s see the following tips.

Use the new cooking oil.

How To Handle Cooking Oils Foamy When Frying
How To Handle Cooking Oils Foamy When Frying

You should always use new cooking oil so that the taste and fragrance of our fried foods are maintained if you want to use used cooking oil. You should make sure the cooking oil is still worth using and does not have any annoying odor.

Add cooking oil while whisking the egg.

Egg yolks are the leading cause of frying food, so foamy, therefore, can use it only using egg whites. Guaranteed Deh, cooking the food will not foam.

If unable to avoid egg yolks, the next tip is to add one scoop of cooking oil when the egg is beaten. But to keep in mind, do not add hot oil to the eggs, use a cold oil. Once well blended, the eggs can directly be fried.

Use proper flame temperature, not large and not too small.

A flame temperature that is too hot can also cause cooking oil to be foaming, preferably use a suitable temperature (not significant and not too small). Besides, the proper use of heat can also affect the outcome, if the temperature is too high, it can cause the cuisine to be quickly burnt, and the appearance is less attractive.

After learning tips and tricks to overcome the foaming oil when frying the above. Surely no need to worry anymore when it comes to frying.


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