9 Common Mistakes When Baking Beef

Meat is a food that is familiar to non-vegetarians. Raw meats can be cooked in a variety of ways, ranging from boiled, fried, to grill. One of the hardest ways to cook beef is to be baked.

1. Do not apply oil to the grill

9 Common mistakes when baking meat
9 Common mistakes when baking meat

“Give oil to the food, not the grill.” Memorize the spell. Oil on the grill can risk sudden bursts of fire.

Harmful to your skin. Besides, the oil that you apply will become sticky to make the meat stick to the grill, rupture, and dry. Apply oil to the meat so that the meat remains watery and prevents sticking.

2. Don’t put meat on a cold grill

Preheat the grill first. When using charcoal, wait until the charcoal briquette is covered with ash. This initial warming also makes the grill easier to clean.

Still, pay attention to the roasting temperature. When the grill is too hot (more than 300 Celsius), then there is a possibility that the outside of the meat is cooked first while the inside is still raw.

3. Clean the Dirty Grill

You have to clean the grill every time using the grill. The trick is to clean the grill grille twice each time you cook. Brush cleaners from rigid metal can do the cleaning before and after cooking.

Sometimes the cleaning of the grill feels like heavy work. However, if it is often done, then cleaning will be a light job. If you do not have a cleaning brush, then you can crush the aluminum foil ball, then claws with a 12-inch brace to clean the grill

4. Know the difference between direct and indirect heat

Direct, indirect, and combo roasting methods need to be noticed by people baking meat. Baking directly means that the meat is placed on a hot source, such as roasting with an oven. While barbecuing means heat is found on both sides of the flesh. The burner under the fat is turned off, such as roasting with an oven.

While roasting by way of a combo means merging between the direct method, then moved to an indirect approach in single cooking.

The rule is if you cook less than 20 minutes, use the direct method. If you prepare for more than 20 minutes, use an indirect way.

5. When the fire suddenly magnifies

When the flames suddenly enlarge (flare-ups), do not use water to extinguish them. The water affected by the fire will produce hot steam, which can cause severe injuries to your body. Water can also damage your grill.

Call the meat with an enclosed grill and don’t “peek.” “Peek” will make you long in baking. When the flame grows, you can turn off the grill, move the meat, then remove the flame with kosher salt or baking soda. When the situation is terrible, use the fire extinguisher. But the fire extinguisher is at risk of damaging your grill.

6. Don’t overturn the meat too often

When you bake meat with a direct method, you can only flip the beef once in half the cooking time.

7. Avoiding Contamination

Use different tongs to lift raw meat and for baked meats. The use of the same clamp can cause contamination and cause the disease to be transmitted through food. The tips are by coding or marking each brace with the color. For example, red color for raw food and green color for cooked food.

8. Don’t get spice too fast

Seasonings such as barbecue sauces have a lot of sugar in them. Sugar burns very quickly so that when premature, it is applied to the meat can make the inside is not mature. Effectively, you can spice up the meat in the last 10-15 minutes. While the ribs are cooked for 2-3 hours, it can be applied seasonings over the previous 30 minutes.

9. Don’t test meat maturity by cutting it

When you cut the baked meat to see the ripening, that’s when you miss the most precious thing of the meat you cook. A delicious fluid from the meat will come out, and the area where you cut it will be overcooked. You can use the instant meat thermometer to test the maturity. Lastly, don’t forget to let your meat “rest” for five minutes after it finishes cooking.


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